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Dear Guests,


Due to adverse weather conditions this weekend the river has burst its banks. In response the festival is doing everything it can to assist you in exiting the car parking fields.


The condition of the parking fields varies significantly. In some areas it is possible to simply drive out, whilst in other areas you may require assistance. We have additional tow vehicles in place, welfare facilities onsite and information on how to contact the festival is available below. We sincerely apologise for the issues you have been experiencing at Park and Ride and thank you for your patience and cooperation. If you could assist us by following the direction of our staff it will help us to get you home as quickly and safely as possible.




90% of the vehicles that were on the park and ride site have now been exited.


We are working with 18 tractors to ensure that the remaining 10% are exited as swiftly as possible while taking care to safeguard peoples wellbeing and property.


 If you have chosen to leave your vehicle at the park and ride to return and collect it at a later time we will update you as soon as we have timings.




The furthest parking field is still inaccessible due to safety grounds, if you are parked here please remain on site and await further instruction. Everyone else please make your way to the Park & Ride in your own time and follow instruction on arrival. We are assisting with the extraction of vehicles but expect long delays. Thank you for your cooperation


Will I be able to exit the car park?


All cars should be able to exit the car park, many without assistance, whilst others will require towing from the field onto the road. Additional recovery vehicles have arrived on site and more are imminent. We are doing everything possible to resolve the situation.


How do I collect my car?


If you have parked in the two closest fields, please make your way to your vehicle along the designated routes.


If you are in the furthest parking field we ask that you go to the waiting area located by the clubhouse. When your recovery vehicle is ready your designated driver will escort you to your vehicle.


If my car is damaged and requires breakdown assistance, what do we do?


The festival will do anything it can to help you exit the parking fields however we are happy for you to contact your own recovery service to help you. We would prefer it if the recovery assistance did not attempt to enter the field, but instead wait in a safe area near the exit  (as directed by security on arrival) whilst our onsite tow vehicles move your car to the road.


How do I make an insurance claim?


If your vehicle has sustained any damage the festival is fully insured and will help you resolve any potential claim but we suggest you contact your motor insurance in the first instance to ensure your claim is processed quickly.


How long will it take to be towed?


This is dependent on factors such as the position of your car in the field and the number of customers exiting the event at the same time.


Is there anywhere for my luggage to be held whilst I get my car?


We are in the process of sourcing additional shelters for people to wait with their luggage in a designated area whilst the driver recovers the car with assistance.


What facilities are available at Park & Ride?


Food & drink is available to purchase from a trader as well as free provision from our on-site welfare crew.  We have also brought in additional toilet facilities.


Can I leave my car and return for it at a later date?


We do not advise leaving any vehicle due to the unpredictability of the coming weather. Vehicles are left at their own risk.


How do I provide feedback or make an official complaint?


Please email parking@festivalnumber6.com
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